// vertigo


im taking a break from my reading marathon to review eden’s new ep vertigo.

take care

i’ve been a fan of eden ever since he started showing up on edm channels (mainly mrsuicidesheep) as the eden project. circles was a particular favourite of mine. I can pretty much sing his ep end credits off by heart and and his i think you think too much of me ep is my aesthetic pretty much.



eden moved recently from ireland to new york. his youtube channel is full of aesthetic videos of the lone dude on the beach, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, and snippets of half-conversations. it’s reaching, but sometimes he hits bullseye and this aesthetic does become transcendent and artful.

start//end is a masterpiece. during an interview with billboard, eden said you should look to this song to anticipate how the rest of the album would sound. sadly, apart from possibly one other absolute gem there isn’t any other song in the album that follows the success of this one.

perhaps i am being too harsh. but there’s something about the electronic production of this song that is new and yet showcases eden’s beautiful voice perfectly.

in rock + roll (from i think you think too much of me) eden stated some of his influences and it was evident that he wanted to use rock elements in his music. somehow, with this song, eden has delved into the genre of electronic rock and took it some place new.

i love it to bits.


this starts off with half-conversations. sometimes the melodies in his songs echo his past songs. i love how, following start//end, he puts lots of glitches and electronic degradation of the song and intersperses this throughout the songs in this album.

you can find me when the sea pours into the stars

i’ll get there someday

this ep is generally quite sad and hopeless.

so if you loved me, how was i supposed to know?


ooh. the music production of this song is great. it has this beat thing that comes into the song a quarter way through or so and it just, it’s beautiful. also, because i am a geek i love the story of icarus and how eden uses it to relate his feelings. the idea of “falling in reverse” is particularly important, it’s used in this song and is the title for the outro of the ep. this, this entire album seems so incredibly lonely.

the idea of having already achieved all of your dreams and not feeling good not feeling satisfied and instead still feeling shit, this is what this song is about. and the icarus element plays so well stylistically into this. icarus managed to get his wax wings but he flies too high to the sun and they melt off and he falls.

And I got all I want
I thought that I’d feel something
Guess I’ll never know
How to live with a good thing


soft, this is a soft song.

And I won’t lose hope, and I won’t lose courage
And won’t fade to gold
Or worse, to shadow
‘Cause if everyone is gone, I don’t wanna be here
I don’t wanna be left alone


main thing with this song is trying to figure out who eden is talking about. i think it’s about a specific kind of sadness. it’s similar to how i thought about depression for a while. i had a bad time with it when i was thirteen but it cropped up again around seventeen.

It’s been a few years and I’ve moved on
Couldn’t make it disappear, oh I tried so hard to be strong
But I grew up today and faced that I’m not just lonely
Don’t feel much better but I guess that it’s a start

a friend recently admitted she had depression despite huge evidence to show that, yeah, you probably do have depression (self-harm, suicidal ideation, the numbness). and the last two lines of this song seem to be some sort of tip of the hat to this acknowledgement.


it was too harsh of me to dismiss start//end as a one-off. the electronic elements (those beeps and boops, the electronic collapse of the song, the small glitches) all extend from start//end pretty well.

make peace with your mistakes and they’ll turn to gold

the idea of mistakes turning to gold reminds me of when i visited the japan section at the british museum. there was a beautiful pot with gold in between the cracks in the ceramic. on the information card it said that the japanese highlight these cracks with gold as part of the idea that these broken parts of the object put back together is part of the history of the object and should be remembered.


this one made me cry. i listened to the album on my way to and from uni and so i wasn’t paying attention to individual songs it just all blurred through for me, but the “so please don’t fade me now” fading into the rest of the music was lovely to listen to on the ride home.

i listened to the album again before bed, and eden’s encouragement and his hope in the last verse was something i didn’t expect. the song “ends” and then this last verse starts and it’s soft and, and i have no words to describe how this just struck me off guard.


float! ah, this song is a favourite. it’s a jam, i love it a lot. just, very confident eden. the beat, those beeps and boops (i’m clearly not a music reviewer by profession), just… very confident eden. it’s a catchy song, makes me want to dance. none of the songs here are anywhere close to a pop jam, but this, if you squint a little, might just be close enough.


so yes, vertigo is soft depressed lonely eden to the max. grappling with ideas of success and making it from his age-old times like these to this album. his confidence and his insecurities hand in hand. the electronic production is mostly soft, and maybe a little too bared back but it works. it’s a soft album and it wholly embraces eden’s personal brand.

with wonder eden does this thing i love a lot. it’s a slow song, lots of guitar, lots of repeated lines and the subtle changes in these lines turn it from introspective eden to confident eden and it can be interpreted as brilliantly romantic.

i think i found out, oh

i think i know now

i used to wonder what love is

but ever since you’ve been around

i finally think i have it figured out

what i’m missing

i see now

i found out

i know now

love; not wrong (brave)

brace yourselves this is my favourite song in the entire ep. i’ve sung it about a billion times.

what’s special about this song is that eden takes a recording from an earlier performance where he makes the crowd chant the words love, not, wrong, and brave and he puts these words (the sound of the crowd) at the end of the lines in the chorus. and the intermingling of sound and meaning here is mindblowing.

it’s also a hopeful end to what is really a very sombre album. taking away the connectives and all that hullabulloo and just focusing on those four words is a new technique that solidifies eden’s feels-esque songwriting and production. the idea that these words have to be felt first before they are understood, or that syntax is entirely irrelevant because of how enormous and profound the meaning of these words are in your head and your heart…. that’s brilliant.

falling in reverse

like i said in crash what’s intriguing about this album is who eden is talking to. who is the speaker and the one being spoken to? it can read like a relationship (or several) between eden and a girl, but i like the idea that eden is talking about himself or addressing a long lost aspect of himself that has once again cropped up.

eden, the speaker, is “the voice in your head”. maybe he splits himself up as eden and the voice in his head – his thoughts that filter the world into his perception. maybe he’s talking to us as we listen and he literally is the voice in our heads. but the robotic/electronic element also has weight here, throughout this song there’s a robotic glitch-y phrase repeated: “come on! what’s the big deal? nobody’s that heartless!”. that, with the half-conversations and the glitch-y electronic robot theme throughout the album, tells me it’s something to consider.

vertigo is a conversation between eden and himself, eden and the listener, and some sort of robotic sentience (the music? a third listener? third speaker?). you leave this album definitely with a lot to think about.



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